Early Feedback


My specs:

AMD A8-4500M APU @ 1.9(2.8)Ghz
Radeon HD 7640g (512Mb)
6Gb DDR3 1600

With my laptop, the game runs reliably--in the dungeon--when I cap the frames to 30. I wouldn't normally do this but my modest processor isn't quite fast enough for the demanding physics calculations. At 30FPS, the game only does the speed up/slow down anomaly before I've started clearing enemies. Based on this, I think disabling physics for enemies off-screen (or at least for the trapped enemies) would totally resolve the issue for a broad spectrum of lesser PCs.

Also, I think it would be excellent to be able to customize combat speed. It's fine as it is, however--if there were an option--i'd definitely increase the speed a bit. I already had a taste of it when my CPU puts the game into overdrive, lol.

Exanima has become my drug of choice (kind of sounds like a drug doesn't it) and loving the hell out of it! Thanks for this game :D!!!

p.s. I can't wait to stab stuff.
There was a whole bunch of optimizations that would help specifically with bodies and loot lagging your game. But those were lost at some point when a harddrive died :c
Expect it to run smoother in the future :)


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