Enemies barricaded in o.O


I'm on level 5, I explored pretty much everything down here except the northernmost 3 ribbon door. You guys know the one, and if you don't let me not spoil it for you! I failed miserably at combat in there, tried again figuring I'd pull the enemy to a different room, but he got stuck in the door and now I can't open it anymore o_O He's barricaded in there! Is this intended behavior? Anyone else ever seen this? More importantly, can I reset it somehow short of killing myself?

I tried opening the door slowly, fast, violently, smashing it with a polehammer, jamming the hammer through the crack and pushing, pulling, swinging, etc... I tried running back and sprinting at full speed into it. Seems there's no way back in there but it's all I have left until the next content update :O please help! XD

*edit* I just tried running back to level 4 and coming back but the door is still sealed :( I'm starting to wonder if he's not dead in there with body slouched against the door, I don't see him moving through the crack...
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By barricaded, do you mean someone is pushing the door from the other side, or are the crates, cabinets, etc. on the other side? I have only reached level 2 so far, but I have had numerous times where an enemy will try to attack me through the door and prevent me from opening it. Usually if I try for long enough, the enemy will move around the partly opened door. However some doors are permanently blocked and you have to find a way around.


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