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  1. Madoc

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    We're working on a lot of different things at the moment, the biggest focus being on getting the rest of the story content done. We're expanding significantly on what can be done in terms of level design, it's going to take us a little while to get it all working, but it will make things a lot more interesting and varied. Once we've got the basics working we can resume doing more frequent smaller updates, and we will release some new content quite soon.

    In this update we've got a couple of new fairly important features, and some really nice gameplay improvements.

    Changes in 0.6.2
    • Switch between two sets of weapons with a key press
    • Unconsciousness mechanic in story mode
    • Greatly improved combat movement control and smoothness
      • More precise and predictable control over dashes
      • Removed sways and stumbles when ending dashes
      • No more falling over from huge lunging swings
    • More realistic and satisfying character reactions to hits
    • Improved physics and behaviours when losing balance and falling
    • Reduced graphical output lag from simulation
    • Improved supersampling motion smoothing
    • Improvements to piercing and crushing damage mechanics
    • Improved thrusting with 2 handed weapons
    • Numerous animation improvements
    • AI combat and pathfinding improvements
    • Removed speedup after the simulation fails to remain synched
    • Many bug fixes and tweaks


    Before you start thinking that we're trying to make the game easier, know that this feature was planned long before release. Thos who have followed the game long enough can confirm this. One feature of our two-tiered health system is to allow both death and knockouts. Our earliest release of the game was just the practice arena, with an already skilled playerbase and initially very little content, we kept the failure on knockout, and the intended knockout mechanics are now long overdue.

    From this point on when you get knocked out you will wake up again. Much like in the arena mode. As it is you will suffer some permanent damage from knockout blows, but various things will eventually happen while you are unconscious. Bad and interesting things, that will spice up the gameplay nicely.

    As for difficulty, it will inevitably fluctuate as features and content are added, but even as it is this is less significant than you might think. In practice the aim is currently to take as little damage as possible, in the long run you'll be very glad that not every KO is game over. Some things will inevitably need adustment and we'll continue to do that with your feedback.

    Note that unconsciousness is not a metagame "try again" feature, but rather something that just makes sense within the context of the game. You can still easily find yourself in situations where death is unavoidable.


    This apparently simple feature gave us a lot of headaches, but besides some refinements it's mostly working as intended.

    Managing that torch that we love and hate in equal measures should be somewhat less of a burden. You can equip the same weapon to both your sets, allowing you to switch between a torch and a shield while using the same weapon, for example. This feature will become even more useful as ranged combat is introduced, and supports some other planned changes to the inventory system.


    Bare Mettle

    Account page link.
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  2. The Witcher

    The Witcher Supporter

    just saw it gona play the story now
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  3. Kevin309

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    Nice update
  4. Saetheer

    Saetheer Insider

    You're the best.
  5. Gozer

    Gozer Member

    Oh my feels great.

    Started a fresh run, sweet patch.

    Much thanks.

    Gonna try my toons beyond the portal.

    Fade to black, and waking up groggy and empty handed. . . priceless !

    You guys rock
  6. Saetheer

    Saetheer Insider

    Found a bug.
    Lost my torch (!!) and shield while I swapped back and forth between primary and secondary.
  7. Elaxter

    Elaxter Insider

    No breast slider? Tsk tsk.

    Nice work guys.
  8. CandleStickZombie

    CandleStickZombie Member

    How do you weapon swap?
  9. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones Supporter


    They're probably still working on the boobie physics. It will be worth the wait.
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  10. JBlak

    JBlak Member

    Feels as though mace speed has been buffed. Anyone else agree?

    Edit: Feels as though they buffed all of the weapon speeds! I like it! I can make some seriously sweet plays now.
  11. turtleman155

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  12. Murf

    Murf Moderator

    Not the weapons themselves, but the RtL with one handed weapons was 'tweaked'.

    You know, he always says tweaked, but I think it's some sort of visiony inspirationy thing he gets after staring into the code, it starts whispering to him. It may very well be the AI he created, it might have leaked and now it's giving him subtle nudges here and there, little changes to the code, next thing you know. BAM! AI Overlords.

    Use R to weapon swap :) Make sure you have the Primary and Secondary set up in the inventory.
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  13. Nynuc

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  14. Hedgehog-of-Fog

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    Great update! Very nice fast thrusts! Just waiting for more of them from the enemies... As weapon swappings
    - hoping that enemy shooters will go to melee when you short the distance (or grab ranged weapons when they're afar).

    Got same situation - was chopped by a skelly guy, and after waking up I've switched to the sword-and-shield set and - voila! - my heater shield missed! Then I've killed every thing on 4 stage, but there was no any heater shield (so it wasn't looted)...
    But that was unclear test - save was old, so I've missed already a torch. Maybe it'll never happens with new saves.
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  15. The Witcher

    The Witcher Supporter

    Nice update
  16. cl_ogar0

    cl_ogar0 Member

    I had bug today in arena mode (character creation step)
    I tried to swap hammer into 2h sword and i had "unknown application error" window in middle of my screen that you cant close, have to restart the game

    im pretty sure its related to the new weapon swapping thing

    cheers, combat really feels good now
  17. BrecMadak

    BrecMadak Insider

    Best line ever to exist in an update.
  18. warmhotself

    warmhotself Insider

    Another amazing update BM, many thanks. Just ran through story mode again and the changes to combat are notable and exciting. Switching weapon sets certainly helped beyond the portal, although something...unpredictable happened in level 4, with
    Show Spoiler
    you-know-who. He turned on a bunch of skeletons and then ran off, and I cleared out the rest of the enemies in the area and he'd vanished. Couldn't find him anywhere!
  19. Saetheer

    Saetheer Insider

    it will. My save was brand new.
  20. Clanf

    Clanf Member

    changelog for sneaky update? it's "j" now it seems

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