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  1. Madoc

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    We're working towards some major features to support the rest of the story content and bring it to its conclusion, these are not ready yet though so in the meantime we've expanded on the arena mode and core gameplay with some really big improvements.

    Initially we focused on longer term goals, thinking we would add some skills and arena features for a nice intermediate update. When it came to adding these features however we found that they placed demands on our animation and other systems that they couldn't meet. This led to the most thourough and extensive overhaul of our animation system yet. Improving animation and gameplay has been a constant and often fruitless struggle from the first day of development. Realistically we'll never consider it truly finished, but this latest iteration has certainly brought them to a new level.

    As usual, the update took longer than expected. We've got a lot of stuff that's almost done and we would have liked to include it, but we don't want to keep you waiting any longer. The current version should be stable and brings a lot of big improvements. Over the next few days we'll be releasing a series of smaller updates as the rest of the features and content are completed.

    There's a few incomplete things still, notably the lack of ceilings in ogre matches can on rare occasion lead to an unfortunate death. We will correct this ASAP.

    Here's the changelog for version

    • Ogre matches in arena mode (more tiers coming)

    • New Close Combat skill technique: Dual Wield

    • New Shield skill technique: Synchrony

    • New Shield skill technique: Ward

    • New Shield skill technique: Persist

    • New Shield skill technique: Endure

    • New Shield skill technique: Mobility

    • Added shield block stamina mechanic

    • Added shield item statistics

    • Added merchant hireling NPC in arena mode

    • Hireling NPCs now come with various ranks and equipment

    • Many new items (more on the way)

    • Improved footwork and balance

    • Improved combat stances

    • Reworked all combat and most other animations

    • Improved parrying and blocking

    • Improved thrust accuracy and power

    • Improved action transitions and dynamic posing

    • Sped up recovery from falling

    • Various improvements and fixes to combat mechanics

    • Improved AI combat tactics

    • Improved NPC equipment choices

    • More variety in master level opponents

    • Gave AI more human-like use of controls

    • LtR swings are now easier to execute

    • Various graphical improvements

    • Analogue stick movement via XInput

    • Numerous bug fixes and improvements


    Bare Mettle

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  2. Madoc

    Madoc Project Lead

    Some bonus screenies:


  3. Tyon

    Tyon Member

    Awesome, thank you.
  4. Scifer

    Scifer Member

    Thank you Baremettle!

    Did you included the items from story's last 2 levels in arena like bronze gear and that tiny sword? I miss them so much!

  5. Mati9319

    Mati9319 Supporter

    I hate to say that, but something's clearly broken :( Namely, 90% of times when I press LMB, my character is not attacking at all. It seems to only work (sometimes) when my character is completely still and I'm not moving my mouse.
  6. Zoltan

    Zoltan Supporter

    Quiet an improvement indeed, excellent work.
  7. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    The unique story items found in the Underworld are not usually seen above ground so you won't see most of those in the arena.
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  8. Array

    Array Member

    What is grey bar - some kind of shield stamina?
  9. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    Correct. The lower the stamina the slower you block with the shield.
  10. Yngvald

    Yngvald Insider

    Superb stuff. A real and delicious appetizer for the next chapter of this deep, dark adventure...
  11. Roryn

    Roryn Member

    Oh. My.

    So I wake up this morning, come to check the forums, "Oh interesting, why are there so many alerts?"

    *Notices the new update notes*

    *Am I dreaming?*


    *Forgets checking forums because I'm off to play!*
  12. gumshoe

    gumshoe Member

    Wow! Great time to have picked up the game :)
  13. MrSharkus

    MrSharkus Member

    Thanks for the update. I just noticed a small typo in the "Mobility" skill description. Also, I'm noticing a slight frame drop when opening up the inventory or the store in the arena hub, just to let you know.
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  14. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    Ah, good catch. Yes, the "Mobility" technique under the shield skills says "shiled" instead of "shield".
  15. Shapeshifters

    Shapeshifters Insider

    I just want you guys to know I love you, everything you work towards and stand for. Your constant stride towards improving the animation system where other developers might've just been like "Oh well nobody else really has done this before, so it's good enough". Yet here you are still working on making it the best thing it could possibly be, I admire your perfectionism.
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  16. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones Supporter

    Awesome! This is super exciting news!
  17. crashingtingler

    crashingtingler Insider

    this looks SO good!
  18. Mati9319

    Mati9319 Supporter

    I don't know why, but after connecting my laptop to power source, the issue I described above disappeared completely, which is great!

    The update is beyond awesome and here's what I like most about it:
    • GREATLY improved framerate! I'm simply speechless!
    • light armored guys with one-handed weapons in Master rank Elimination matches! That's exactly what I hoped for, because guys with two-handed weapons wearing full plate are probably the easiest enemies in the game,
    • new animations.
  19. ChavaiotH

    ChavaiotH Member

  20. C0rvin

    C0rvin Member

    So will the next big update contain a big addition to the story line ? That's what I'm reading in the post ;)

    EDIT: Also I haven't noticed any Master Beast modes, are they in? The picture suggests that they should be in or be added in a small update soon

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