Exanima 0.7.3 Released

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    We're still working hard on the upcoming major update which includes mind thaumaturgy and two new areas, but we wanted to do an intermediate update and make many improvements to the core gameplay experience. We do also have some small but noteworthy content additions.



    We've heard again and again how much you want flails, so we've added... Surprise mechanics! Just keep opening those Happy Player Boxes and maybe, eventually, you'll get a flail! What? Don't you people have credit cards?

    Jokes aside, flails didn't exactly come cheap to us, with a surprising amount of issues to overcome with physics, animation, inventory functions, world interaction, blood decals, sound mechanics, damage, parrying, combat AI... Oof! But they're a lot of fun so we think it paid off, and along the way, touching on all these systems, we've paved the road for other upcoming features and mechanics.

    In arena, set that merchant to look for adept weapons and you should have one in no time. They can also be found in the main game mode.


    You can now find Diviner's Decks. The cards expose various elements of the lore through the beautiful art of Burgzaza, but can they also expose what the future may hold? Keep an eye out for cryptic messages in future release notes...


    Changes in Exanima version 0.7.3:

    • Flail weapon
    • Diviner's Decks
    • New encounter type in newest area
    • The proctor has a fancy new sword (yes, changing grips is on the way)
    • Improved hair physics
    • Characters can no longer initiate attacks while in weakened or staggered state
    • Improved weapon sticking and penetration mechanics
    • Improved character striking motions on successful hits
    • Improved character balance on uneven ground
    • Removed a cause of frequent tripping during locomotion
    • Improved dynamic and rapid recovery from tripping during locomotion
    • Greatly improved stagger and impact response during locomotion
    • Smoother transitions into and from locomotive states
    • Smoother recovery from staggers
    • Fixed some AI being overly passive / peaceful
    • Fixed AI almost never fleeing
    • Characters are less reluctant to position themselves in tight spaces in combat
    • Improved mechanics for staggering from shield blocking
    • Shield blocking speeds are now correctly dependent on weight and stamina
    • Improved various shield combat motions
    • Various small animation and combat tweaks
    • Improved keyboard running controls
    • Improved arsenal and shop window loading times
    • Fixed characters sometimes becoming stuck in a crouched position
    • Fixed keys not working after being carried to another area
    • Fixed equipped unique weapons sometimes transforming into other items
    • Fixed occasional discoloured and black icons
    • Many content fixes and tweaks

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