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  1. Kieran

    Kieran Developer

    Exanima was greenlit with this Monday's batch of games. The process went incredibly well, we had a hugely positive response with 87% voting "yes, I would buy this game" compared to an average of 30% in the top 50 out of over 1700 games. We also had an impressive 1500+ comments on our Greenlight page. Things are looking good for Exanima.

    Link to Exanima's Greenlight page.

    A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us and helped by spreading the word!

    We plan to release Exanima on Steam some time in April, there is a bit of preparation involved and we're working on a launch trailer. Naturally we're also working on adding new content and features to the game. All our backers will receive a copy of Exanima with the launch and if for any reason the Steam launch should take longer than expected we will anyway release the game to you.


    Bare Mettle
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  2. Pancakez54

    Pancakez54 Insider

    This must be a big confidence boost for the whole team! Only one week!!!

    Keep up your game, peeps!
  3. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    Very impressive Greenlight results! This bodes well for the future of Exanima and Sui Generis :). It's nice to finally see Bare Mettle getting some well deserved recognition.

    Congrats to the entire Bare Mettle team and cheers to everyone in this amazing community who helped make the Greenlight campaign such a success!!
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  4. lvk

    lvk Insider

    Never had any doubts. Things can only get better from here!
  5. Don Kanaille

    Don Kanaille Insider

    Well deserved.
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  6. Murf

    Murf Moderator

    Knew it was only a matter of time. Cannot wait for the world to see what you guys have accomplished. Gonna be a lot of naysayers, but overall I think it is going be received very well. Bare Mettle is going to make a huge impact on the scene.

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  7. FunkmasterFestus

    FunkmasterFestus Insider

    My words excatly ;)
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  8. Jonathan Lessard

    Jonathan Lessard Insider

    A little late of me, but I'm happy for you guys! When i first saw the kickstarter page, i thought to myself ''This is gonna be great! But might sadly fail since most gamer don't like using their brains when they game'' Hand Holding is ruining hardcore gaming.

    Followed the game since, and I'm legitly happy to see you guys have gone that far with the project! Looking at the feedback and general opinion on the game. I can't wait for the game to release on steam, so people can enjoy a new experience deserving of praise!

    Good job guys!

    Love From Canada
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  9. Zoring

    Zoring Insider

    Good job boys, pleased to hear it, genuinely new and interesting twists on games are so rare so I hope you guys make so much fucking money you can make this game massive.
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  10. Don Kanaille

    Don Kanaille Insider

    So... now that April is nearing its end, how is progress going? You were going to release the game on Steam this month, and personally, I cant wait! :) I feel that this is really going to be a breakthrough and I´m mentally prepared to spread the word about this game as far as I can as soon as it has this easy-to-access sales platform and a trailer to show.
    So, any chance you´d give us a short update? Has Valve already reached out to you after the Greenlight success and are you already in pole position, or is there still so much work left that you wont make it to Steam this month? (I wont blame you, I´m just curious). :D
  11. tiny lampe

    tiny lampe Insider

  12. Don Kanaille

    Don Kanaille Insider

    Guess I missed that. Thanks for clarifying :)
  13. Elaxter

    Elaxter Insider

    So close, yet so far! I have an exam on that day, so it'll be a good stress reliever.

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