Exanima movement options


I have been playing with Exanima for a little while and I'm not very good, but I have a problem with the way movement (wasd) is handled in combat mode. The character moves relative to the cursor, so I often end up turned around and start backing into the enemy. Needless to say this gets me killed more often then not. To me, its more natural to move relative to the camera. My suggestion is to have an option for how the movement is handled, either relative to the cursor, or relative to the camera.

Awesome game; cant wait for Sui Generis!


There won't be an option to make WASD camera relative. Because it would mean you could only move in 8 directions instead of the full 360 the current system allows you to.

The thing is that this game simply requires you to play it for several hours to literally build muscle memory and master the system that way. All of us on this forum with +150 hours were complete noobs in the beginning. Some of us, I guarantee, were a lot worse than you.

So the option you seek just wont be put in. It would be like allowing you to handicap yourself and never improve

All there is to it is practice. Lots of practice :)


Try frequently recentering the camera with spacebar. You may or may not want this to be a long term solution, but it might be handy as training wheels either way.


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