OK, this may sound crazy, but bear with me here:
Exanima's physics based combat system might be ideal for roomscale VR.

Picture this: You're in VR with motion controllers, first person view. Your controllers control your hands/weapons as expected, but sort of indirectly. Your real life controller position is visible as a sort of ghostly manifestation, while the position and motion of your character's weapon is still bound to the physics and body mechanics of the game. Your character is merely following your lead so to speak.
This means that you cannot flail around wildly with a war hammer and expect the game to cooperate. You have to move your arms as if you're really carrying that weapon, then in theory the physics engine should have no issues keeping everything 1 to 1. The handling characteristics of a particular weapon would therefore have major gameplay implications.

The moment weapons clash, your real life arms will probably keep going while your ingame weapon meets lots of resistance. Your character would then try to push against the opponents weapon in an attempt to get to where you're directing the weapon to. So that way you have a simulation of binds and even wrestling to some extent without magical haptic feedback.

Overall this could result in an incredibly compelling combat system where leverage and smooth movements would be key. I think Exanima provides the perfect basis for a far superior melee system compared to any other VR title out there right now.

What do you guys think?


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