So, I died to a zombie, that's okay, but is it normal that he wouldn't move an inch from my "corpse", wouldn't let me to rise in my feet, and keep killing me like 5 times until I am definitely dead? I can understand once or twice, but five times? He was hitting me right in the middle of my head, with a damn hammer..
ive had this happen a few times. i dont think its intentional, but i think the enemies probably have fixed points that they return to when you get KO'd. you probably just got KO'd directly on one of those spots. (all speculation here, though.)


When I was on the fourth floor the first time and peacefully read an interesting scroll, a rather muscular sir came through the door I forgot to close. He seemed to be angry at me (maybe it was his room?) and wanted to seriously injure me. He hit me so hard I fell unconscious. When I woke up, he did the same thing again, and repeated it another two or three times. The fifth time I woke up, he seemed to be distracted by something and I went away. I tried to find some sort of complaints office in this establishment, but only thing I found was a large hole in the floor which, presumably, led to the laundry room. After a while, the unpolite sir from before came along and seemed determined to excuse himself, but unfortunately, in all his vigorous desire to restore due justice, stumbled and fell through the hole. As I haven't heard any sound after that, I assume he landed on a pile of dirty clothes and slept in.


It would be interesting to have the ability to press a button to keep your character on the floor, trying to play dead until the threat goes away. I think it would be a nice feature.


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