Kickstarter update #2: Spread the word...


Hi everyone. In an effort to gain greater exposure we've released a new short video that gives an immediate feel for the combat and realism of the physics. We realise that many of you would rather see more on other aspects of the game, we are working on further updates and videos. This seemed like the best way to capture peoples' attention and help us attract further backers for a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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I can already say that I could easily sink in hours into the game, even in its current state. I'm not even joking, I am such a big fan of animation and physics in games. One of the reasons I loved GTAIV was because of Euphoria, fun moments were had.


Updates in general is always great.
Still You got a lot to improve on the combat still. but you have built a good ground to start from.
Footwork, standing up, blocking and especially twohanded combat. But again this is pre-alpha. so. so.


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