Kickstarter update #7: Introducing Our New Writer


So. We've been approached by numerous writers, some professional, some not, some of them very good, some not. We have given all those who applied fair consideration. After much thought and in depth, painstaking deliberation we've finally agreed on a writer for Sui Generis. While his background in writing is informal, he has extensive experience writing for games, dialogue in particular. He seriously impressed us with the samples he wrote, he also demonstrated a fantastic understanding of our project in general, especially what we hope to achieve with our dialogue system. In short, he's awesome. Go ahead and introduce yourself Tony.

Hello! I'm Tony Dye, an IT Project Manager from Texas and an experienced writer for online games. My gaming experience dates back into the dim mists of time, where I cut my teeth playing text adventures on the TI99-4/A. For seven years I was part of the Avlis persistent world for Neverwinter Nights, first as a player, then as a gamemaster and finally Head DM. While on the staff I designed areas, wrote and edited wiki entries, item descriptions, character biographies, and hundreds of quests both static and dynamic, with dozens of them purely improvised. During that time I was responsible for all storyline review and creation as well as character development and plot continuity, and led an expansive overhaul of the game world involving a team of 20 gamemasters, level builders, and programmers.

We like this, thanks Tony. We firmly believe Tony will be a highly valuable addition to our team in many ways and we are proud to welcome him aboard. Below is a sample of what Tony wrote for us. It's a brief but great example of the style of dialogue that will typically feature in Sui Generis.


Jack leaned against the side of the building, trying to catch his breath. Behind him, beyond the palisade, shadows still prowled. Unable to scale the fortifications, they paced back and forth at the edge of the clearing in the vain hope he would emerge again. Eventually the high, nasal whine of their frustration slowly faded as the beasts retreated, and after a few more minutes Jack finally relaxed. He brushed the twigs from his hair, picked a few brambles from the hem of his cloak, and headed directly for the smithy.
“Good morning!”
“It may be...”, said the shopkeeper.
“Are you open, friend? I have need of a new blade.”
“We are as open as your purse, good sir.”
“Ahh. I’ve little wish to empty its contents on the counter...”
“Then we’re closed. Good morning!”
“Wait! I could be persuaded to pry it open... for the right weapon”
“Then I shall do my best to find such a weapon! What exactly are you looking for?”
“Not this.” *he displays a pitted, mostly dull and slightly crooked longsword*
“Gods below, what have you been using this for?!”
“Its main purpose of late seems to be acting as excess weight. It also does an excellent job of antagonising enemies, and impeding my subsequent flight from them”
“I could hardly sell you a worse weapon, friend. I have several fine oaken broom handles that would be a clear improvement!”
“I would prefer something sharper than a broom handle...”
“A basket of bread would be sharper than this apprentice’s accident.”
“Indeed. But again, let us confine ourselves to swords and the like.”
“Yes, yes. I have a fine journeyman blade, never used in combat. Its former owner was consumed by a bear a fortnight ago.”
“He was taken unawares by a bear?”
“I hardly think so. They make an awful noise, do they not?”
“But you said the blade was never used...”
“Quite so. The poor man left it at home for fear of chipping the finish before his master smith’s examination”
“Not the best decision, in hindsight.”
“I should think he would agree... now let us talk price.”


Awesome, right? We think so... and then there were 6!

All the best,

The Bare Mettle team
Good job on the recent updates now things are moving a bit better, Imreally glad you found a good writer although I'm quite jealous of him to be honest :p. I was rather hoping you would give me a reply on my last messages on kickstarter Either you missed them or didn't even see them. Any way best of luck.


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