May have found a game to ease the pain


Wow, been being developed for quite some time now. Turn based combat it looks like.


Just played the tutorial level and got fucked.

I was fighting a merc. I put all my points in sword, But accidentally grabbed a dagger.
The merc was fucking me up, I tried to aim for his arms to slow him down. I put alot of points into dodge, so I was nimble enough to doge most strikes. In the end, He killed me. but damn that was awesome.


Oh yeah, I actually bought this game ages ago when it was first released on early access. Now I'm not a fan at all of turn based combat, so I think the combat is pretty dull, but the writing is really good. It allows you to reach your goal in a lot of different ways, and you have a lot of choices/consequences to make in the different quests. The game features text based adventure parts together with the combat and exploring, and it's the text adventure that I find particularly good about the game. It's an interesting little thing, but it's not a game for everyone. A lot of reading and turn-based combat can make the game boring fairly quickly, unless you enjoy at least one of the two things.


Curse you, Nynuc, I got this game and found a whole new kind of pain. But that's OK because you actually get a Steam achievement for reading all the possible text variations when you die. I'm about 1/2way to it already.

Seriously, this is a good game. I like that you can play as a total scumbag sheister/ward-heeler/political hanger-on, doing horrible things with just words without ever having to stick a knife in anybody yourself. Or OTOH that you can openly be an assassin. And that all sorts of major changes in the game world happen behind your back, as a result both of your acts and omissions. Seriously, you can shape world events by NOT doing certain things. Quite cool.


Tried the demo, and enjoyed it so far, interesting game, thanks for sharing ;)
The more I play this, the more awesomeness I find. In my current game (we won't talk about all the others), I've started with 1 plan and been swept along by events into things I never had any ambition or desire to do, perforce changing faction allegience several times or have my throat cut. But all this has been quite cool and fun, and I've seen more and done more than I thought I would, and am still breathing and friends with at least some of the powerful (and not so far on the shit list of the rest that they've sent the assassins for me), so it's all good. You can accomplish at least as much with words as with swords and my guy is reasonably good at both. It's a fine line to walk, where too much empahsis on 1 side or the other will quickly get you killed for being too weak in the other, but it's been good to me so far :).


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