Music Thread

This is Boards of Canada, two brothers making cool music.
I listen to a lot of ambient music with interesting sounds.
A few have already taken a liking to the music I posted h-

NVM. I think that thread was deleted for spam!
Anyways, I posted this the other day and figured I'd move it here:
old german steel, any old skool metalheads here ?
Never heard of Dark Avenger, actually! Last year I went on a massive 80s (non-hair) metal exploration spree finding a lot of fucking great artists. Here's a couple, and they're all female fronted too lol:

And this last one had quite impressive vocals imo



Didn't know Warbride before, but agreed chick's voice is great, however I don't fancy female fronted bands at all in my hot served metal unless a pair of boobs show up! :p

Any takers for either of them ?
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Don Kanaille

German Folk Rock/Metal. I even found one with English lyrics for you to enjoy.

Basically, at some point, bands in Germany started crossing Rock and Metal with medieval tunes and instruments.


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