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    So, the new arena mode is not quite complete yet, but we're almost there and it's quite functional, so we thought we'd provide it optionally in its current state for everyone to play.

    Most of the planned features for the first iteration are implemented or almost, notably the following things are still incomplete:

    • You cannot yet hire NPCs to fight with you or for you
    • Only some of the match types are implemented
    • Things like values, ranks and points still need adjustment
    • Some assets are incomplete, missing or placeholders
    • Many tweaks and ease-of-use enhancements to come

    In case you missed the original post, here's the list of features we promised:

    • Persistent arena mode with progression
    • Create a main character who manages your affairs, but can also fight
    • Bid into matches and lose your bid or win more money
    • Numerous match types with varying participants and teams
    • Character and equipment rank system for match participants
    • Hire NPCs to participate in matches with you or for you
    • Recruit additional player characters to play
    • Shop for items using the money you earned
    • SKill progression for player and NPC characters
    • Permanent death. Rest characters who are seriously injured or risk their death
    • Procedural characters. There are always new characters to fight or hire
    • A variety of arenas for matches to take place in
    • Pugilism matches

    There are numerous other improvements to the game in general. We've improved lighting and other effects, made optimisations, improved AI, fixed many issues and added many new items and nice little features.


    The new arena mode is fairly complex, there will be some in game instructions to explain how everything works, in the meantime please consult the following text to understand the basics.

    You will start in your base of operations. For now there are three main things of interest here: a shop, a roster and a match board. The roster and match board appear as notices pinned on wooden boards, click on these to open them.


    This is where you can view and manage all your characters. Select a character or and click manage or simply double click them to get a detailed view.

    When managing a character you will see their match loadouts, their inventories, an arsenal where you can store and manage all your gear and their skills.

    Your character will progress a rank for every two skill techniques trained. A higher rank will give you access to higher rank matches in which you can use higher rank equipment. There is an equipment loadout per rank, even when you achieve a higher rank you can still participate in matches with reduced equipment ranks and the corresponding loadout will apply. Every rank also has a point limit towards which every piece of equipment contributes.


    Recruits are additional player characters that you can control yourself during matches in place of your own. It is useful to cycle between characters so that the others have time to heal. When a character suffers full red damage during a figh they will die and be lost forever, if this is your main character you will lose everything.


    The match board is where you can view and choose what matches to participate in. Select a match and then enter characters into it by dragging them into the space on the bottom right, then click "Enter" to begin the match.

    Characters must meet the rank requirement of the match to enter. This rank is also indicative of what rank equipment is allowed in the match. If the rank requirement is suitably low, you can enter higher tier matches, these however feature more skilled and experienced fighters, but also award larger prizes and provide faster training for your skills.

    Be careful entering high tier, low rank matches as these can be the most deadly, also challenger matches which are devoid of rank restrictions. Elimination matches work similarly to the old arena, but with five consecutive fights and no red bar healing inbetween. These present a very tough challenge but also great rewards in prize money and experience.


    This is pretty self explanatory really. Drag items you want to buy from the shop's stock on the centre right pane, items you want to sell on the left. The paperdoll on here is so you can try items on and view them before you buy them.

    Invest your money wisely and as early as possible, even basic clothing can offer much needed protection and all rank gear is useful throughout the game.

    That should hopefully be enough to get you started. We'll be updating all this soon with many improvements and new features.

    Happy new year!
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  2. SavaGhost

    SavaGhost Insider

    What an amazing start to 2016!
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  3. burgzaza

    burgzaza Insider

    Happy new year !
    This is going to be the best arena ever !! :D
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  4. Hedgehog-of-Fog

    Hedgehog-of-Fog Member

    Damn!)) I've installed Dark Souls 2 just few hours ago and don't play this even a minute... Well, good bye, DS2!
    Bless you all, Bare Mettle! And Happy New Year!
  5. turtleman155

    turtleman155 Insider

  6. Frushtuck

    Frushtuck Member

    Bonne année à tous, Happy new year,
    for the first day, what could be better to get a hand on this perhaps unfinished but still new arena mode?
    That's nice!
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  7. -Tim-

    -Tim- Insider

    Awesomeness! The 0.6.1 version doesn't appear on my Account page however. Is it just me or hasn't it been uploaded yet?
  8. Frushtuck

    Frushtuck Member

    Can't see it either.
  9. Bobob

    Bobob Member

    Awesome! Playing it right now
  10. turtleman155

    turtleman155 Insider

  11. Faelivrin

    Faelivrin Insider

    The is the steam version. You gotta opt into beta downloads for exanima to get this one.
  12. zhuliks

    zhuliks Insider

    Arena works fine, but one of the bottles is all messed up.
    Show Spoiler

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  13. Orlacktherof

    Orlacktherof Member

    Did you ever double click for it's description?
  14. Orlacktherof

    Orlacktherof Member

    Say, how does armour work? I've been buying some from the shop, but none of it shows up on my character when I enter an arena.
  15. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    It is explained in the original post but I'll paraphrase: you need to click on the roster page (looks like a parchment on the wall near the shop) and select the "Manage" button. Then you can equip gear for each rank. Note: if you don't have the necessary rank to use the gear then you need to rank up first (by learning more skills). Every two skill techniques learned = one rank. If an item has a ranking requirement it will be shown in the description of the item.
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  16. Abuzezibitzu

    Abuzezibitzu Member

    guys How can I get that code that alows me to play beta mode?

    I am like SUPERHYPED now and I really want to try that mode but Steam ask me for beta code to download that version... at last I think soo, can anyone help or at last explain me why I cant get it :/
  17. Tony

    Tony Moderator

    No code is necessary if you own the game on Steam. To play it you must right click on Exanima in your library inside the Steam client, select properties, then betas and opt in.
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  18. Orlacktherof

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  19. NachoDawg

    NachoDawg Member

    right click exanima in steam list -> properties -> betas -> select beta from drop-down list

    That's atleast how I did it
  20. Orlacktherof

    Orlacktherof Member

    We have a problem I think...

    So in the last hour, I got an update for Exanima, some kind of patch. Now if I try to play the game, steam crashes, or freezes.

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