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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Qazlal, May 28, 2016.

  1. Qazlal

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    Hello, I want to report a strange thing: every time I go the manager screen or any other screen like I uploaded - my rig starts to make noise - a whistling sound, it's hard drive or video card, I can't say exactly.
    The noise is hapenning every time I go those screens and only in Exanima.

    Nothing serious is going but noise, so I report it just in case.

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  2. zhuliks

    zhuliks Insider

    Its called coil whine either on motherboard or video card and you cant do anything about it. Well, maybe try playing without vsync, but thats about it.
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  3. Madoc

    Madoc Project Lead

    If it's happening just in the character screens it's probably due to high framerates. Limiting the framerate might well fix it. You can do this by adding the following line to %appdata%\Exanima\Exanima.ini (paste this into Windows search):

    FPSLimit = 60

    Replacing 60 with whatever you want to limit the framerate to, of course.
  4. Qazlal

    Qazlal Member

    If I am setting this to 30, it solves the problem, but makes the game hardly playable. But thank you anyway, I'll ignore the noise.
  5. LoftyOG

    LoftyOG Member

    I had this issue, I knew my GPU had coil whine but it was just extremely bad in Exanima for some reason. I also limited my framerate (to 144) but disabling super sampling had the most impact for me. You could also try enabling V-Sync.
  6. Vold

    Vold Insider

    I recently got an Nvidia GTX 970 which makes noise mainly in the character's screen, but also in some areas of the campaign map. Limiting the FPS like madoc said reduces significantly the noise when in the character's screen.

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