What weapons would you like to see in the game?

Discussion in 'Game World' started by Espadon, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Cameron Wishart

    Cameron Wishart Member

    I get where you're coming from, but the reason I suggest short-chain flails is because it could be functionally similar to the bludgeons already in game. That is, it can use the same animations without any bad side-effects.
    A short-chain flail would still be devastating, much more so than a regular mace, to the point that using anything with a longer chain would be overkill for most enemies we've already seen in game. And it could still work against shields if you're skilled with the flail, or lucky.

    But, we want to go all out right? Hell yeah I want some crazy room-clearing homicidal wrecking ball on a two handed shaft. But that would require new techniques, new animations etc.
  2. Syllabear3

    Syllabear3 Member

    It will get stuck everywhere. It will kill yourself. Shields would be completly useless (yeah more than now).
    Pretty bad idea in my opinion.
  3. Maestro1105

    Maestro1105 Insider

    I personally would prefer that the flail not even be entertained, as it was not a real weapon.

    As for the physics of it, rotational inertia is nice, but you will not be able to accelerate the flail (rotational) more than any other weapon that you swing, such as a mace or morningstar. Moreover, once that ball hits, there is no force to drive it through, since there is nothing pushing it forward. In other words, perfectly impractical.

    Here's a decent discussion on the topic; there is more if you look online, but this one is quite succinct.

  4. Orlacktherof

    Orlacktherof Member

    There are a few examples of Chinese flail type weapons but they were more of a less-than-lethal sort of weapon
  5. Pc Genie

    Pc Genie Member

    I would like to see a few things added in as weapons for diversity's sake:

    - Sickle (not on a long stick).
    - Billhook (like the billhook polearm, but the short handled variant)
    - Partisan (think of a sword but also a polearm).
    - A few more swords, such as a broader bladed arming sword (Oakeshott type XIV to be exact) with better cut and worse thrust, or the opposite, narrower bladed swords that are better at thrusting.
    - Clubs and cudgels (not the mallet 'cudgel', I mean a big club).
    - War scythe (a sort of poorer polearm with an upright farming scythe blade).
    - More knives and daggers with different characteristics.

    I am not as interested in the flail idea however, but I'm not opposed to it either.
  6. The Witcher

    The Witcher Supporter

    Oh hello PC genie is here too
  7. Boltersam

    Boltersam Member

    Parry daggers, lashes and punch daggers are all things I'd like to see eventually.

    And, of course, a variety of less-lethal weapons for Sui Generis that aren't just bashy sticks. Mancatchers, as have already been mentioned earlier.

    Whenever ranged combat's in, dipped arrows/javelins would be neat. Slap some demon blood on the tip, or wrap it with oiled rags and use your handy torch to set it ablaze. Then miss every shot because you have no idea what you're doing.

    That kind of thing.
  8. Avramovic

    Avramovic Supporter


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