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Here it is: a collective thread for all of our concerns, assumptions, ideas, expectations etc. regarding world instances system.

If I understand correctly, it's gonna be like Terraria, right? Creating a character, creating couple of worlds and then playing in them alternately while carrying all of our character's equipment, experience, etc.? Because this is what official information hints at:
Bare Mettle Entertainment said:
Instances of the world are fully persistent but you can carry your characters across multiple instances.
Sounds really good, but now let's imagine a following situation (extremely cliché!):
  • create World A and start playing with a new character in it,
  • meet a villager having trouble with giant spiders in his basement, but he tells us we're too porly equipped to stand a chance against said monsters,
  • exit the game,
  • create World B and start playing in it with our previously created character,
  • gather gear good enough to finish off spiders mentioned above,
  • exit the game,
  • return to World A,
  • everything seems to the villager as we geared up in about no time (everything simply materialized on our character from his point of view).

So yeah: that's the question, isn't it?

Also, is our character's placement in each world gonna be saved when exitting to the main menu (or quitting the game completely from the pause menu)?
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This "cunning" gameplay was available at Baldur's Gate when you played it in Multiplayer. Importing the characters was a way to ease the starting of the game. And if the game is not about gathering better gear, then it is fine in my opinion.
But yeah, putting a fully armored, fully skilled warrior against those spiders is a bit unfair for the spiders, isn't it?...


I kinda don't like the fact that you can do that. I was hoping every life was kinda like exanima. If you're dead, you're dead.


I kinda don't like the fact that you can do that. I was hoping every life was kinda like exanima. If you're dead, you're dead.
Hopefully it's not a feature.

I don't like it one bit: it makes the game easy to cheese.


In that situation why would you even bother creating a new world just to gear up or gain experience just to "do the spiders quest", it does not make much sense to me. I understand that it's an example, but I have hard times thinking on a real situation that would make me do that, tbh.

Also, you are asuming that a "geared" and "more skilled" character will make a huge difference. It may have an advantage but unlike other games you may as well end up dying and losing all the time spent on the other world gathering equipment and experience.

Edit: I am not sure whether or not The equipment/loot is transferable.
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