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  1. hsaa509
    Hi friends, I am available here after a long interval.
  2. Gsprfdude
  3. Verisimilitude
    Still waiting for updates. >>
    AZZOLE Brendan
    hey Brendan, i bought the game for myself and a friend and ive never seen any updates since you stopped updating through steam.

    i'e tried logging in here and it didn't work, i tried to use the lost password feature and it didn't recognize my email. :/
  5. Orlacktherof
    I have no idea what I'm doing oh dear pleashe help ai am not good with computers d howd you turn this off what isthis
  6. Orlacktherof
  7. neetch
  8. Pickle
    *Currently picking up wicker baskets
  9. CommanderSS
    Love this game!
  10. Max Wilson
    Max Wilson Brendan
    Hi Brendan, was told to contact you here! I purchased Exanima 24 hours ago, loving the game but I would like the steam key and it hasn't appeared yet, I hear this happens sometimes but you can fix it manually?
    thanks for your help!
  11. Noah Barnes
    Noah Barnes
    shit wheres this next update? nov 10 would be dope...
  12. Snoopbear
    Du ser når lynet slår ner, Legg deg på kne, sjå mot himmelen og be.
  13. Peasant135
    Peasant135 Muska
  14. Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp
    Fight for Success!
  15. Velmyr
    Peace is as it should be..Gentle,yet unstoppable
  16. Peasant135
    Trying to read every single thread on this forum.
  17. Beantwo
    i realy enjoy exanima ! can't wait for sui generis !!
  18. Michael A Miller
    Michael A Miller
    Waiting for Sui Generis
  19. Homiccus
    Homiccus Pc Genie
    Hola señor. Nice brigandine. And beard.
    1. Pc Genie
      Pc Genie
      Er, thanks!
      Mar 24, 2017
  20. Kinglyginger
    Kinglyginger Shalen Smith
    in love with your profile pic (and this game)
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    2. Shalen Smith
      Shalen Smith
      Glorious, isn't it? Or rather, aren't they? :D
      Mar 2, 2017
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    3. Kinglyginger
      indeed they are. no lie, i have plans to get a legend of zelda sleeve of tattoos on one of my arms and that is now going to be included.
      Mar 3, 2017
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