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    Coffee Diary 22/2/21

    I'd just like to say that I appreciate that you keep working on this game, even if it takes a lot longer than most games outside Dwarf Fortress and UnReal World.
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    Well, if you count the amount of life, it's probably somewhat accurate. However, it doesn't account for a person in such light condition adapting to the low light. It also doesn't really account for diffused light. It's overall a big problem with creating light in games (and one of the biggest...
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    A bunch of small bugs and ideas/improvements.

    Not sure if I should make my own thread or not, but if you ask your merchant to stock master tier weapons, it's going to bug out the game (unknown application error). Or at least, it does for me. The game sort of works, but I can't open the menu. I also like the idea with showing what layer a...
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    That's about as helpful as, "if you don't like the game, don't play it," when someone comes with suggestions for improvements. If I really need to, I can crank up the brightness on my monitor, but that washes out the colours, since for higher brightness levels you need higher contrast to...
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    I know this game is supposed to be dark and moody and all, but I'd like to play a character who doesn't suffer from permanent night blindness. While the game does look nice, the light stops spreading much too quickly, so what realistically should be a little shady is closer to pitch black...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Nah, in this game, a chair trips you only half the time. :p
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    I'm liking the new update. Just updating the game and starting with the old save files worked well. Dual Wielding is fun. In the arena, I've almost always preferred the sword 'n board style, or a mace for tin can tiers (although I usually pick up a two-handed warhammer if I find one in...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    For object manipulation, I'd want a brief acceleration period for rotating stuff. Start a little slower for half a second or so, before it goes to the speed it is now. Even just tapping the button is a little too much if you want to be precise.
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    Thoughts on the Two-handed Sword?

    Yeah, I like that part too. Sometimes it would be nice to know if you're close to killing an enemy or if you're not actually doing as much damage as you think, but on the other hand, stats like that remove immersion to some degree. With all the different kinds of weapons with different...
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    Thoughts on the Two-handed Sword?

    I find it more nimble than other two-handed swords, while still doing a good amount of damage. If I really need the range, I use a polearm of some kind (preferably a crushy one). Otherwise I just stick to sword and board for almost the entire game.
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    So Then Blue Eyed Golem...

    I just accidentally backed out of the room, and then he kind of got confused by the door, and just stood there. He was behind one of the doors, but his right hand was showing, so I took a few (well, a lot; he is pretty sturdy after all) overhead swings at that, and he went down with no effort at...
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    This thread isn't relevant anymore, how can I remove it?

    I posted it in another thread, as you might've noticed. Haven't had time to play for a while and update it, though.
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    Three ribbon door!

    The hardest part is that If you can get around that, it's not too difficult, provided you're properly geared up. I'd also advice to
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    I made a basic one. MS Paint quality, and I made it before the update, so it doesn't contain everything (not that I included everything to begin with; it's mostly just for navigation).
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    Quick look! - Exanima ( Beta)

    They want a character they can relate to? :p


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