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    Exanima 0.6 Released

    The details we have are it is coming "soon". It has a lot to do with AI, which is why it is taking so long; since the AI in this game is going to be very complex. Other things that I have heard are a new terrain system and a new level. Exanima is a prelude to Sui Generis. Basically this means...
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    Dead or Undead?

    Great minds think alike :D
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    To me it seems more like a stealth spell, it would probably need to be held over the heart for a couple of seconds; which would not be easy with someone charging at you. So if your at low health or can't risk raising the alarm of others, you could take out the guard silently instead of having a...
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    Dead or Undead?

    I was thinking that when resurrected the necromancer would need to tie it to something. To keep it in the living world; sort of like an anchor for a ship. So maybe while the souls dormant Thaumaturgic power is operating is being used to control the limbs. When a limb or the torso is hit a bit of...
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    Breakable, Interactive Environment

    Well it could be implemented to only work on certain materials. Such as flimsy wooden doors and wooden walls. The stouter doors with iron reinforcements and metal entryways along with the stone walls could be unbreakable to avert bypassing.
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    Dead or Undead?

    I can sort of explain the zombies getting knocked out with a blow to the head. The way Necromancy works is with the Mind form of thaumaturgy, the Thaumaturge draws the desceased's soul back to the living world using their latent thaumaturgic power. So the person's soul is still in there and they...
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    The tweaking of powers is already confirmed, that's what I have been calling modifications. I think it is a very good idea because it adds a whole new element to how combat and Thaumaturgy works. You have to choose how you develop each power to get what you want or need to be the most effective...
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    As I said i wasn't to sure what was happening with the ethereal form thing, so thanks for your insight. Maybe a better name would be Vanishing act or something along those ligns? The hearts stop seems really interesting, sort of like a paralysis onto a certain limb, so if you have multiple...
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    Hey everyone! So as I've been perusing the forums I have noticed a lack of people talking about the thaumaturgic powers that will be in the game at some point(hopefully soon ;)) and well that's the idea that got me hooked and excited for Sui Generis/Exanima. The idea that you start off with a...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I'd like to start by saying that Exanima has exceeded allof my expectations and that it is one of my ll time favourite games; I am soooo happy I decided to give this game a try. Now I've got three ideas, all of which I think would be great additions to the game. 1: I'd like to see secondary...
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