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    Found myself stuck (plus error message)

    There is a similar problem when trying to walk behind the bar on the 2nd Level. The player gets stuck in the gap along the bar counter. Initiating cembat and can wiggle your way through.
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    The Level 1 timed lever puzzle is a fucking joke

    You can report the post and ignore the person, click Report to the bottom left below the post
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    Coffee Diary 6/1/20

    Happy new year and thanks for the update.
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    Exanima 0.7.3 Released

    You should be able to click the account link at bottom of the page, login and download from there. Good luck
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    Thaumaturgy Teaser

    Thanks for the preview
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    Congratulations BM (GOG release)

    Congratulations MB on the GOG release. I did click Unhelpful on the Troll posts on GOG and reported the posts as felt was very unfair, not sure if that help but might do something.


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