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    Coffee Diary 7/12/20

    woooooohoooo! test builds yeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Ask Lars about archery.

    jeez i can hardly believe your still lurking these forums with your bullshit, no offense man but maybe you should get a life
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    Update imminent!

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    Over a year and no update.

    the update is currently in beta testing. give it a few weeks and itll probably be in your hands.
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    What's taking so long?

    while were on the "toxin" topic, can we make a new public forum and literally just name it "TOXINS"? it could be a good experiment. sometimes people just want a place to vent, even while they realize that they are being unreasonable.
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    What's taking so long?

    dont let the steam kids rush you guys along. the dont understand what early access means, i think. great work, thanks for the headsup!
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    [Spoiler] How to reach level 6

    youre not missing anything, thats the end of the content that we have for now. however, according to madoc, the 5th floor is actually the 6th. weve just skipped lvl 5. it should be coming next update.
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    ive had this happen a few times. i dont think its intentional, but i think the enemies probably have fixed points that they return to when you get KO'd. you probably just got KO'd directly on one of those spots. (all speculation here, though.)
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    Is it just me or are hand wounds significantly more common?

    I havent noticed anything like this.
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    Weapon's "weight" stat.

    Heres the full conversation, hope this clears things up.
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    Gear quality dilemma.

    I dont know if this is planned or not, but a nice way of countering the system already in place could be equipment wear. exceptional armour would only be good for so long, before it turned into superior, then regular, battered, yadayada whatever the qualities are. I want to say that i heard...
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    A short thank you: for the devs

    And thanks for the Devs as well as (some of) the community for being so patient. its been a long road, and there is a long way to go yet!
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    Bevor as a part of armor

    The sallet would need a new model, but i really do like bevors. it would be nice.
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    Big game hunting /thread/

    I didnt slay it here, but one of my companions was like this for a good minute or so before i started recording
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    Attack On Titan Exanima

    well..... best of luck to you. madoc only took about 5 or more years to get us this far, im sure you can make a mod like this no sweat.


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