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    Nice write-up on idiotbox.

    Re Try doing it while you're standing near a door, you'll get what he means.
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    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    Making claims is pretty easy though, so far we haven't had a single hint at the RPG-part of the game, well I suppose you could consider the character customisation to be slightly RP-ing. Looking forward to it, but so far no interest in playing through Exanima again.
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    Kingdom Come - Deliverance

    The alpha (just like most alphas) isn't really anything worth it. All the NPC's are currently still bugged, some of them walk around but most of them get stuck somewhere and you can't talk to them> Game itself looks good though, but I shouldn't have paid for it, ugh why do I always buy alpha's...
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    Steam Greenlight

    I thought Blizzard had that copyright :P
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    Backer Accounts and Tier Upgrades

    Your account and your forum name are two different accounts, with two different passwords (unless you set them the same yourself). I could only access the Account page before, because I hadn't registered yet to the forums.


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