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    Coffee Diary 8/8/22

    I can't wait to try to push a zombie, have my force bounce off the wall and knock me on my own ass!! :D
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    Exanima 0.8.4

    I love the new speed of combat, it's a lot to adjust to! I love how much more agile everything is, it makes the combat so much more of a fight than just waiting for the opening to take the swing. I feel like a noob again in a lot of ways, getting spanked by ancient undead I long ago learned...
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    What an engine does this game use?

    It's a hand-crafted engine by the game devs I'm pretty sure. Modding this game is kinda intense and the devs discourage it because they want to be able to make large changes to the code without having to worry about the work that went into someone's mod that may have become popular or whatever...
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    Coffee Diary 21/3/22

    I cannot WAIT to be able to hook!
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    Coffee Diary 28/2/22

    It's always nice to hear news from you, I really admire your work, thank you!
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    Exanima planned feature list

    Thank you so much for compiling this! Very exciting
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    Can't equip stuff in Arena

    Have you checked slot 4? only 4 slots are visible from the arsenal until you close your manager's inventory with the little sack button on the left
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    remove the leave the tournament button

    Couldn't agree more
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    In this same vein, I'd like the ability to zoom in further and bring the camera lower to get a better view of the character. If it's too hard to implement with the fighting mechanics, maybe it only goes that low and close in adventure mode and not attack mode
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    Coffee Diary 20/12/21

    I could not be more excited
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    Coffee Diary 13/12/21

    This is really amazing and quite exciting! I've been dumping a lot of time into the arena and I must say I LOVE the balances done to payout and enemy AI. The progression feels like such a better pace. The introduction of physicians also greatly helps with the anxiety of fighters dying...
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    Coffee Diary 6/12/21

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    Updated Wiki

    Hey guys just spent the past few days gathering massive quantities of procedural weapons in Arena and filling out the wiki. Check it out, please feel free to contribute new procedural weapon examples in the galleries on the pages. I broke it up into 6 categories to keep the main weapons page...
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    Coffee Diary 22/11/21

    Please calm down, this is a passion project, not a publishing company funded, AAA game. I know how incredibly exciting this game and it's potential are and I too want to see it and Sui Generis completed, but bitching at the devs to hurry up isn't going to get the game done any faster. There's...
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    Coffee Diary 22/11/21

    Big mood


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