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    I am sad

    Well, their priority is to make the game they've been dreaming about since they were childhood friends, and not to sell the most copies by making what the widest possible audience demands, hence why I think "flawed" is a terrible word to describe their approach. And yes, PvP and co-op...
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    Coffee Diary 28/9/20

    I guess that's because crouch is still very much work in progress. NPCs neither use it nor can defend against it, so it's considered more of an "exploit" right now. It will either get improved or completely removed at some point. Don't forget you can also have torchbearer Derrin. There were...
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    I am sad

    I can see why it might look like that on the surface, and in a way it's true. Aside from mind thaumaturgy and one companion, there hasn't been added much in terms of core gameplay features. That's all I could potentially agree with you though. The updates are far from minor; while the mentioned...
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    Coffee Diary 28/9/20

    1. Multiplayer will feature both PvP and co-op, both for arena and story mode, but like you said the first iteration will probably be arena only. It's not considered a requirement for fully releasing the game, but perhaps it will still be added before then. They already have a detailed plan for...
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    (suggestion) npcs react differently based on how you look or act

    The AI is already much more detailed than that. Every NPC has their own personality and reacts differently according to a myriad of parameters like character traits, environment, unexpected things, relationship to others, previous encounters, thaumaturgic influence, where others look at, where...
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    The Level 1 timed lever puzzle is a fucking joke

    If the levers go back up or the gate closes, just prevent them from doing so. The game has physics, so use them. You don't have to be fast for any of the sections, but if you really want to, make sure to hold Shift while running and take off gear that encumbers you.
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    Lighting Issues?

    Yes, it's a known issue. They've been fixing various issues related to Intel graphics, but new drivers just keep adding new bugs and reintroducing old ones. The next update will come with a complete overhaul of the renderer, which hopefully will fix this and other issues.
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    Coffee Diary 6/7/20

    You can donate by buying more copies here on the store. Contrary to Steam, the devs will receive the entire amount of your purchase here and you'll get a free Steam key which you can give away. Just my guess, but it's possible some skills will be added with the coming update, which will add...
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    This game is a design mess

    There is exactly one key required to progress in the entire game, and it's clearly presented on a well-lit table. I didn't need to open Google to progress once. The only area with puzzle-like elements is the one in the first level, which is completely optional. It will likely be made shorter at...
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    Doorway looks like a transition zone, but won't transition.

    It's not a bug. The content this door leads to is just not in the game yet. It can be opened already simply so you can go through it once the content is added in a future update without having to start a new game, like you had to in the past.
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    [0.8] Loyalty spell bugs/issues

    Player expectations have indeed always been a major hurdle for the game to overcome, be it controlling your character, not fighting everything on sight, layering apparel and armor, and so on. There used to be a message when you started the game the first time, addressing some of that, but which...
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    [0.8] Loyalty spell bugs/issues

    The main reason mind thaumaturgy was so much work to implement is because it ties in with the highly simulated nature of the AI system. NPC behaviour is not a collection of simple black and white scripts like in most games. They're not just either companions or enemies. They all have a distinct...
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    Frequency of Updates

    SG and SC have a lot of similarities. They're both highly innovative crowdfunded games with lots of bespoke technology and attention to details; their Kickstarter projects' start date is only two weeks apart; both take much longer to develop than initially planned because the quality standards...
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Leaked ranged combat footage:
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    Replays in the arena

    Replays are planned. Customizable heraldry for tabards will likely be added too.


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