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    "Choke up" on weapons

    Do you mean something like this?
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    Invulnerable shield-wielding arm

    In general, hands are definitely vulnerable with any weapon and those kind of hits occur quite often in my matches. I'm not sure about pugilism, but I think Roryn is right - they don't take any damage if you use them to block opponent's punches.
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    Invulnerable shield-wielding arm

    No, I'm sure to be hitting arm, not the straps - tested this many times with various weapons and shields, apart from long kite shields since they wouldn't stay still and parallel with the ground.
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    Invulnerable shield-wielding arm

    As in title, I've noticed during my fights that direct hits to the inside of shield, right onto hand and forearm don't do any damage to them - game detects them also as a shield. I thought I could be wrong but then I checked on corpses and it's easy to verify. I don't think it's a big issue and...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    That would be great and I believe Madoc stated some time ago that they do want to implement dismembering. Although that's not a priority right now.
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    Noob question

    Well, but it is random - you can't decide whether your Ltr/Rtl attack will be horizontal/descending/ascending, can you? You can only determine at what point of your swing's arch your weapon is going to connect with the enemy. Having this in mind, with for example, Rtl 45 degree descending attack...
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    Noob question

    Aiming at the specific body parts works only with thrusts. Ltr and Rtl strikes height is random. You can only determine when your attack is going to connect with enemy but not actual trajectory. There's only one exception: if you swiftly turn your characters body while using overhead, vertical...
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    Funny or Ridiculous way to die...

    My dumbest death was at the beginnig of the puzzle area. I had pulled the lever which closes trapdoors and ran as fast as I could. Due to my speed, I tripped over first trapdoor and smashed my face on the metal. As I was struggling to get up, they opened and it was over.
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Mostly because of this video:
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    Pugilsim has been completely neutered in 6.5.x update, make unarmed combat great again!

    True, a significant speed increase would be great and would make fights more enjoyable.
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    Combat: Q, E, X plus Mouse

    Well, for me it would decrease playability. Those keybinds can be used for more essential features just like Chase said. Furthermore, once you practice enough you'll find out that you can strike anyhow you'd like only with your mouse, regardless of your character position, camera angle etc.
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    Is it just me or are hand wounds significantly more common?

    I did and I think it's great right now. Earlier there was no point whatsoever in having any kind of hand protection. And indeed it's somehow realistic now, since it happens quite often during sparrings, even if the other person is not intentionally trying to snipe your hands.
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    Ltr attack's height

    RTL and LTR attacks can take form either of an Oberhau (descending cut) or Unterhau (ascending) or Mittelhau (middle). It works with all the weapons except of 2-handed, where LTR attack is always a Mittelhau at chest/shoulders/head level. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Not me, my hireling and beast did it at the very beginning. He was just strolling there, looking at us fighitng the ogre. Shame he didn't have a crossbow...
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Outdoor arena spectator.


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