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    Thrusting Controls

    Ah, thanks. This was exactly it. I don't remember when or even if I rebound it. I never used combat interaction really. That said, it was definitely the problem.
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    Thrusting Controls

    Maybe I am just crazy or terrible here. I have not been able to do anything even approximating a thrust. I have not scratched my enemies with a sword in anything but a swing. I have spent 10-20 minutes trying to get the mechanic working, but I just cannot seem to figure it out. When you hold...
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    I really think that the fact that you can grind low-risk encounters is incredibly mis-matched with the potential instant death. It would be one thing if you couldn't do the easy ones anymore, but with the infinite grinding of trivial things, you can take forever then die suddenly, and that...
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    New Arena Pacing/Balance

    I am noticing that the new arena setup is very easily grindable, but also that it punishes risk taking very harshly (potential for instant death on a mistake). This leads to it heavily encouraging that you just dont take risks and constantly beat on easy enemies until you have enough gear to...
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    This is totally what happens, it is doubly hidden by the fact that you need to also select the correct tab to see the items, so you wont even discover them when looking around. There really had ought to be some sort of indicator that this is happening at all.
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    Odd bug when you trade for something and do not get it. I haven't been able to purchase anything since the update that just happened, but it deducts the money anyway. Not that I can test it a lot, getting money is very difficult and items are expensive.
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    Visual Contrast and Tone in play

    I have a feeling that this game has attracted something of an insular group of followers. Marginal changes to lightning do not make a fundamentally low-lighting low-contrast set of visuals easy to see. If the response is that I should manually change the settings on my hardware to be able to...
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    Visual Contrast and Tone in play

    Alright, so I like this game. I enjoy the combat, and I feel the updates have been slowly improving it. I only ever play Arena mode. Seeing things in the standard game is a chore. The visuals all blur together, and are dark with low contrast. The game is straining on my eyes, and something...
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    Exanima 0.5.2 Released

    Overall movement seems like a substantial improvement. There are some problems, but its less problems than the previous system had. Things generally seem more organic, and the range of possibility has increased. This is all good. I expected it mentioned that weapon swinging has changed...
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    The blocking system is broken?

    For the record, you people know that you can crouch, right? Correctly timed crouches allow low angled swings or swings at the ankles. There are generally fairly consistent.
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    The blocking system is broken?

    You misunderstand blocking technique. Try to twist your body in order to maneuver the shield into the leading hand of the oncoming attack. Using a shield means twisting your body much more than with a two-handed weapon. With a long weapon, this represents failure, but with the shield it...
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    Height/Weight Advantages

    I will list my currently understood advantages for height and weight. Tall: -Longer Reach -Longer Steps -Higher Crouch Height (less a difference than you would think though). -Harder to knock down (height prevents enemy leverage) -Easier to knock self down (Height creates less balance, longer...
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    Can I get a "voulge throw" tutorial? " Polearm Knockdown The technique for getting knockdowns is actually very simple. It is important to note here that your height and weight are significant advantages for the maneuver, as is hitting the opponent in the...
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    Alter Swing Input/Timings

    I recommend the following: Increase the area of the backhand/left swing arch. Remove 'double swing' mechanic. Alter timings of swing, such that the second swing needs a second click to occur. Allow swings to be extended even further into presses when the mouse is continued on too long...
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    In-Game Technique

    I suppose I should add. Polearm Knockdown The technique for getting knockdowns is actually very simple. It is important to note here that your height and weight are significant advantages for the maneuver, as is hitting the opponent in the back. Begin attack by clicking and holding on your...


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