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    Does anyone know how to equip a second weapon for dual wielding? I meet all the requirements.
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    Exanima Beta - Blood!

    Personally I'm not too sure about blood dripping out of armor. Let's say a NPC has full plate head to toe, you would have to bludgeon them to death. It would be impossible to penetrate armor with a slash. Although when thrusting gets added it would be a possibility?
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    Possible Weapon Suggestion

    I'm not too sure about the game, but are there weak points in armor? I've had no experience on the subject, but from what I've done I had to bash people with a sword. No doubt overheads, obviously hit the head, with regular swings, even if they make contact with the head, damage is perceived as...
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    Possible Weapon Suggestion

    If you've seen the Sui Generis Pre-Alpha gameplays, there are flails (Thank Lord). They seem to surprisingly had great physics even at that stage. We'll most likely see that in game soon
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    Possible Weapon Suggestion

    As for myself personally, I am a big fan of pole arms and spears. Maybe there will be an addition to the game for more variants of spears other than from what we have currently. Examples for new additions could be some celtic spears, etc.


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