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    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    While I've to admit BM might not always be the best at updating. We have to take into consideration that they are just a handful of people working in a truly ambitious title. It's not really that surprising that progress is taking some time. I backed the project during it's kickstarter and...
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    Update #30

    This ^ :rolleyes: However what can be important to remember is that IF person A loves the game, and feel emotionally attached to it, (s)he might get really upset when person B just say it sucks and everyone looks drunk. So while everyone is entitled to their opinion (and no one is more 'Right'...
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    What's needed for a successful early access launch on Steam?

    Wohoo! More nitpicking. But honestly is not that bad of an idea, different perspectives is always a good idea.
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    Old skool rts gaming ?

    Age of wonders 1-2?
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    Old skool rts gaming ?

    No Total Annihilation? :,(
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    IncGamers Sui Generis QA

    Great read, really enjoyed it. I also read the rpgwatch comments, and while I can't say I fully agree with them, I do understand how they see it. I still stand to my prediction that this will be an amazing game that very few will know about, but I think that's just the nature of things, people...
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    While I don't play MC, it's difficult to not be amazed at what some people are building.
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    Witcher 3 Recap Video

    This is a big concern for me as well. I really tried to like the witcher 2 since I'm very interested in the story and lore, but as soon as there was some combat the game just felt so dull, and there is quite a lot of combat in The witcher 2. (Didn't play much Witcher 1 since the combat was so...
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    Some info on updates?

    But will we really be allowed to show videos of old builds, as soon as the NDA is lifted? I mean if the reason for the NDA is to prevent people from releasing videos of the game when it's to far from finished, then wont all these soon to be year old videos be a bit deceiving?
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    Pillars of eternity (Formerly Project Eternity) GAMEPLAY teaser

    1H gameplay if some1 missed the stream.
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    should it take this long?

    You should have made a "Welcome inside(r)" Joke. :p
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    Kenshi... anyone?

    "once you "beat" the game there is little reason to keep playing other than just enjoyment." Isn't Enjoyment the reason to play games? :eek:
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    should it take this long?

    well, you're not an insider... yet :D Just rubbing it in a little bid ^^ Nonetheless, hopefully it'll get sorted soon :)
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    should it take this long?

    If I'm not wrong, BM is upgrading each account manually, and since they're busy etc it might take a little while to upgrade each acc.
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    should it take this long?

    It may take a while lol.


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