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    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    You could be forgiven for feeling this way, because given the current cynical money-grabbing attitude prevalent in the gaming industry then your fears are entirely justified. Except you just got lucky, because Bare Mettle is one of the very few companies doing it right, and doing it for the...
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    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    Death is almost impossible when you know what you're doing. Arena Mode; Some people say don't fight with your Main, although personally I never had a problem and never lost a Main after over 700 hours playing. There are some things to remember though: 1) Buy a Recruit and use that to rank up...
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    Anyone else feeling bad about killing so many women?

    Nah. All of my Arena characters are female so pffft. They're starting to feel a tiny bit guilty about killing so many men though o_O Now the men just want to get as far away from them as possible... (Far left hand side)
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    Stop the camera from auto-adjusting vertically

    An option to simply disable the automatic tilting would be great. If my character disappears behind a wall I'm perfectly capable of panning/tilting the camera myself. What would also be nice is a keyboard "lock camera tilt" button, so we can lock the tilt (to say 45 degrees or whatever) to...
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    Arena Trade

    Assuming PvP is introduced to Arena then presumably we would need some way to hook up clients. Would it be possible to use the same mechanism to trade/sell/buy/donate our Arena gear/bling/cash in-game?
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    Hireling's A.I. Questionable?

    It's tricky Norse, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but there are ways to improve your odds. At Inept/Aspirant it's tough to train Hirelings, although at Novice and above it starts to get a bit easier. Having said that I've had an Expert Hireling lose to an Inept, anything can happen. Gear is...
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    Exanima story

    I tried to get as much of the existing story on video as possible; Playlist Basically it is a thorough evidence-led investigation of the story during a single playthrough. Some problematic elements (such as the original scroll, for example) have not been dealt with. Other more recent theories...
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    Exanima Currency - Do we like it?

    Well basically your 251 diads (copper) should be registering as 1 crown (gold), 8 talins (silver), 11 diads (copper). Also your shop doesn't appear to be working correctly, there should be more items available. Assuming you've not hacked the game in any way, then what version are you using? Is...
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    Possible Helm Bug ( Beta)

    Quick note. That helm (you know the one I'm talking about) seems to fail to function under certain circumstances, possibly related to equipping weapons and/or the torch. Not sure what sparked it off as I only noticed it on a particular Story run I did recently, never noticed this issue before...
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    Exanima Lore Thread

    This information is more useful if you record where the evidence was found, the origin of the evidence, where observations were made, etc. Check out this thread
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    Arena: Filthy Rich?!

    I don't think I've even seen that much exceptional gear yet, let alone had the chance to buy it! I've only managed to save 30 crowns so far.
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    Arena: Filthy Rich?!

    Ok. You know it had to happen... How Much Gold Have You Got?! o_O And if you got some nice shiny gear might as well show us that too :D
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    Daylight Robbery (v0.6.1.0c Beta)

    This did get fixed a while back, should have updated before now really. Been too busy playing :D
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    Since you said 'best' I'd say a nice shiny two-handed sword. Good reach, fast and deadly. They're expensive though. Voulge is an evil weapon too, and dirt cheap. Or a decent one-handed sword and shield can also be highly effective. Personally I'd use all of these.
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    Ideas and opinions - new arena of beta (version Post here, please.

    That's a great idea! Although maybe use thaumaturgic rather than piezoelectric sensors o_O


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