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    Signature Moves and Personal Finishers

    One I'm practicing is swiping someone's legs out from under them with the maul, crouching over them so they can't get up, and smashing their head into the ground repeatedly. I also love turning their face red with a healthy slash and remise with the novice sword, feels really satisfying...
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    He found the secret magic scrolls.
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    What else is coming on top of dialogue and NPC stuff? Did you say there'd be another level?
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    The Challenge Thread

    You can keep holding LMB and you'll continue to do overheads or thrusts. I just tried it in the latest version Edit: Unless you mean at the start of each fight, in which case yes you can let go of LMB for the first few moments.
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    The Challenge Thread

    Challenge proposal - Hold left click challenge: Complete the practice arenas with the left mouse button held down for the entirety of each fight. Overhead swings and thrusts are permitted. Pugilism NOT allowed! NO rebinding LMB if you know how! Equipment rules: You can use equipment picked up...
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    How can I force the game to save whenever I want?

    I had almost the same feeling when I first started playing. I would get extremely frustrated in the arena very quickly and it took about ten hours of practise before I finally became somewhat proficient in combat. My point is, don't force yourself to play it if you're frustrated. Play something...
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    Funny or Ridiculous way to die...

    I've been wondering, has anyone managed to get themselves crushed inside a closing portcullis? I might need to do some experimenting if not
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    Poll: Are shields wielded by hostile NPCs too effective?

    I would be okay against AI with shields except for the fact that, when you get them to low health, they somehow transform into some unstoppable incredibly fast ninja (this applies to all of the AI but it's particularly bothersome against shields). I've noticed far too often that low health...
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    Not Lolcats

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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    If anyone hasn't seen them yet, someone posted screenshots of the upcoming outdoor arena in the steam forums:
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    Character falling.

    Every time I hold right click
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Eh I decided to stick with OBS since it seems to be less hassle. In the mean time I thought I'd share some sweet poleaxion: I had to vertically crop the video since I'm playing on a crappy 5:4 monitor while away from my flat. Also, that heater shield/mace guy was pretty tough, although I'm...
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Has anyone had any luck using AMD Relive with Exanima? The overlay just doesn't seem to work and there's no icon indicating live replays.


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