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    Coffee Diary 27/12/21

    sry @Lapty ;*
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    Coffee Diary 27/12/21

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    Coffee Diary 13/12/21

    I'm so excited to discover everything you added (I'm playing on main branch)!
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    Sword Academy

    Hello! Here are a few of my findings: - tapping shortly on the movement buttons results in shorter but faster moves. very helpful for positioning yourself precisely when attacking, thus delivering the most effective blow. - especially with a long weapon (sword, pole...), attack overhead a...
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    Coffee Diary 15/11/21

    LOVE YOU GUYS THIS GAME IS WHAT I'VE ALWAYS DREAMED FOR (YES I'M SCREAMING BECAUSE I'M OVERWHELMED BY THIS GAME'S AMAZINGNESS) Keep up the great work, this is gold! And thank you for making such project come to life!


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