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    Knighthood Orders?

    I dunno, I like the idea of having my own little gang of dudes demolishing anything in my way. If they die, oh well, they're pawns, easily replaced. I'm sure if they make the game mod-able, the possibilities can be endless.
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    Knighthood Orders?

    The idea of working your way up through ranks of any group(s) you join, and reaping the benefits of doing so afterwards sounds absolutely glorious to me. Drunken peasants causing trouble in the tavern? Equip 5 squires with clubs and lead them to beat the shit out of those peasants while you sit...
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    Sui Generis crime and punishment.

    I wanna be spanked when the guards capture me.
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    Sui Generis crime and punishment.

    Absolutely glorious response hahahahahahahahaha
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    Types of Hairstyles

    Styles like that would make sense. I like it.
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    Game-Crashing Glitch

    So, I was playing a few days ago and after getting knocked out by Sir about 5 times, my character got up but his right arm was stuck in the floor. I had to go to work so I couldn't get any screenies, but I just hopped on and I have all this happening. It crashed the game when I loaded that same...
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    Optional hand-dominance, permanent wounds/blood

    Absolutely wonderful. I like the idea of cutting their heads off when they die hahahahahaha
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    Sad update...

    You're being an edgy, insulting degenerate for petty reasons, blocking anyone that doesn't agree with you. No one is ever gonna take you serious if this is how you talk to people, it's laughable, not respectable. If you had any clue of what a Beta game was, I bet you wouldn't've made this...
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    Types of Hairstyles

    All of those ideas can be made with mods in the future, if they don't add those ones in, and let the game be mod-friendly.
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    Music Thread

    \m/ (>_<) \m/
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    Music Thread

    You guys need some heroic metal. :D
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    Repeated game-breaking bugs.

    If I were you, I'd get your Steam key and download the game on Steam, you get all the updates faster as you may not even check the accounts page everyday for updates.
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    Hireling's A.I. Questionable?

    Bigger is best! It is hard to read... I'll make it lighter.
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    GLITCH "Failed to obtain user item:"

    Edit: The new updates fixed it :D
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    Hireling's A.I. Questionable?

    Lol yeah, I've had plans to change it to something phat for a while, think I've found a good one.


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