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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    These are awesome haha, how long did it take you to get them all down there?
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    Game stopped working

    Recently made a post about how my game essentially stopped working upon entering the 5th level of the Dungeon. Now unfortunately I cannot play the game, When I load the same file it does the same thing, it shows the compass and my meters for a brief second and then fades to black. I tried...
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    Not sure what just happened?

    I FINALLY made it to the 4th zone, fought my way around, found some nifty things and eventually, the door to the NEXT area.. Except.. when I entered all i received was a black screen, I heard a sharp cry of pain from what I could only assume was my Proctor, and after that, nothing... Only left...
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    The Catacombs

    So I managed to make it through the Catacombs, almost getting my butt whooped by the few Undead I had found there. Making it to the other side, that leads back up to the room where they keep the caskets ( I entered through the 3rd area. ), I re-emerged and noticed that this area was a lot more...
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    Two Buggies

    I enjoy the game thoroughly, it's entertaining and i love it... but i've run into two small problems. 1) can't open steam when paused, only can do so when unpaused. 2) encountered my first skeleton, and when i smacked him he deleted himself. I think he did so because the immense pain of getting...


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