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    Ah, Toribash. Great game, although it has been quite a while since I've played it. Spent most of my time jousting back in the day :D
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    Will this game be coming to Steam? Would go FAR!

    There is no reason to be against it, when it's not mandatory. Not releasing a game on Steam is a pretty bad move, as Steam has a huge player base and many like to have all of their games in one place. Of course there are people who don't like Steam, so Steam should be an option and only that and...
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    Path of Exile

    I have been playing it for a while now and it really is fun :) If you're into hack and slash, you really should check it out. It doesn't bring much new to the table, but the stuff it does, it does right. And it's in open beta right now and is going free to play, so there's nothing to lose...
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    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    I first was interested in it, as they announced it for PC, too, but as the game changed direction, so did the PC version. It looks like a ridiculously fun game and if I'm getting a console (PS3), I'm sure to pick it up, but until then I'm not really interested in it.
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    Gaming Bargains If the link should lead you to the PC version, choose PC download and you can get the game for $29.99. You need a credit card AND a US adress, though. According to the site where I found that, the deal is...
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    Show me your desktop!

    Love the AvP franchise, although the movies don't live up to the games and comics. EDIT:
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    Gaming Bargains

    The Steam Holiday Sale started.
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    Forum Feedback

    There is a smiley icon over the posting window, there you see all the available smilies.
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    Gaming Bargains

    The Humble Indie Bundle 7 Includes: Snapshot The Binding of Isaac (including Wrath of the Lamb DLC) Closure Indie Game: The Movie Shank 2 Pay more then the average to also receive: Dungeon Defenders (+DLC) The Legend of Grimrock I can highly recommend The Binding of Isaac, a rather strange...
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    Gaming Bargains

    Yes, the 20th seems to be the start of the Steam Christmas Sale.
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    Gaming Bargains

    Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle Choose 2 to 9 games and pay what you want (there is a minimum price and it rises, when a game is added!) Nothing in there I'm really interested in, but maybe someone else will find something. Street Fighter X Mega Man...
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    Show me your desktop!

    Ah, another Calvin & Hobbes fan :) I even have a quote from Calvin in my signature :D And that's what my desktop looks like right now:
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    Wounds, Limbs and Gore

    I don't think SG will use the standard death penalties, they wouldn't make much sense.
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    Dark Souls II announced; PC version confirmed

    I think by "more direct" and "more accessible" he talks about story and some game mechanics. A story wasn't really there. You were some undead in some quest for some unknown reason and that's about it. The lore behind the game is absolutely amazing. The whole background story and those things...
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    Show me your desktop!

    Mines changing every 12h, automatically :P At least if my PC is running.


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