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    Exanima There you go. Their last post on Steam is from a week ago. That's pretty recent if you ask me.
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    It's not a bug, those characters will be now unlockable (only proctor can be unlocked for now) You can see it in the patch notes for
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    v0.6.1.4d Arena Other Items not appearing for main character.

    Regarding haircuts, some of the old ones have been remodeled in the latest patches, so that's perfectly normal.
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    The Kingdom Beyond

    "Import" is a formal synonym of "importance" as you can see right here.
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    First Impression Feetback

    I'm not going to discuss who's right here, but we should at least try to keep it civil, shall we?
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    Exanima gaining traction!

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Exanima gaining traction!

    @Faelivrin Yeah, the article as a whole is fair enough, it's just that that sentence caught my attention. And yes, as I stated in my first post, nothing wrong with it being for funding in my opinion.
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    Exanima gaining traction!

    There is a thing I don't like too much a about that article. It says "Exanima has been developed to serve as a second source of funding [...]. Those who supported the project didn't take it very well [...]" I mean, to me Exanima felt like something that was necessary, it didn't bother me at all...
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    Early Kickstarter prototype reappreciation

    Good post. It is important to keep in mind the great things Bare Mettle have come up with so far, and in which circumstances.
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    Nice music, sir.

    Nice music, sir.
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    I was utterly longing some news on the matter. Greatly appreciated. Like Fawz, I will try to keep my refresh button untouched. Can't promise anything though :p
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    That's exactly what happened to me when I saw Madoc at Brendan at the same time. :rolleyes:
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    Development is almost always like this. Some annoying issues pop up when you least expected. So this delay, although a bit disappointing, is kind of "expected". I'm confident you'll fix these problems :)
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    About to do a big mistake, buying new gaming computer :D

    You can run both 32bit and 64bit applications on Windows 64bit.


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