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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Look what I've found: Character movement is based on neural network looks somehow same to Exanima.
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    Sorry for my haste, but I heard that devs were saying next upcoming patch will be concentrate on campaign, and it'll come very soon after this patch. When?
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    @Sgt. Floris, cut the crap, scumbag. Public alpha was released less than a year ago, in Febrary as far as I remember. Since then a great mass of work was made. Ofc updates not showing all content made, and devs make not only content, but instruments for making game faster and complexier. But...
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    Any news when the next update will drop?

    @Jimmini, thank you for keeping us up to date. Will the patch be contain a content for the story mode?
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Why Steam forum had become main source of information about the game?
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    The Fan Art Thread!

    What tutorials and programs have you used to create the masterpiece?
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Turn on desktop capture in ReLive settings, also Open Broadcaster captures Exanima just fine.
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    Mirage: Arcane Warfare Trailer...

    What is this? Remodeled Counter-strike with magic instead of AK-47? From the creators of garbage named Chivlary?
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    Insufficient privileges of a new members

    Hello, a friend of mine registered here, but seems like he has not enough privileges to post. How to grant him the access?
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    Need more media!

    First, I was asking for new Madia, after a week or so all section has been cleaned up. This cannot be just a coincidence, something is going to happen...
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    Need more media!

    What happend to Media? It seems to me that all screenshots were removed a few days ago.
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    I LOVE this game

    Hello, Exanima is one of the best video games I played in my whole life. I play games since 96 year (twenty years!) and not many games have given me that feel. Usually I don't play undone games, but I passed the story mode few times, however, levels before the portal a bit dull. Exanima makes an...
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    [REQUEST] Make screenshot button

    I don't care about trolling. Many games have this option, this feature is not hard to make and kind of necessary in games. Especially for populating them by posting nice screenshots. If the feature will not be made - I will miss some good screenshots I was about to make.
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    [REQUEST] Make screenshot button

    I don't want to use third party software to make a simple screenshot. Problem is still here.
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    [REQUEST] Make screenshot button

    I understand that you're talking about printscreen, but I meant instant saving screencapture in a game folder or something like that. Instead of go to paint.


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