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    Burnt offering

    Your post is kinda spammy. I only wanted to point out the influence that the first level has on influencing the player's experience on the game as a whole. Whatever the word is, like a cognition and experience, of passing a trial and initiation. Then the player feels as though the most recent...
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    Coffee Diary 31/8/20

    RPG Codex Retrospective Review: Darklands Darklands Official, GENERAL GAME CONSIDERATIONS FAQ I wish I could find an illustrated map of Darklands occupational paths. It's something inspiring to witness and relies...
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    unban me from discord

    I've obviously got no sense budging in on this, but if he hasn't done something douchey like claim to be autistic, then he should get some sympathy, but of course this matter must have been at the attention of several mods by this point.
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    Spamming inventory and switch equipped causes multiple issues and crashes.

    I pressed 'r' accidentally and hammer-on'd to 'e' for inventory and had both pressed down and the game crashed, or froze up.
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    The Level 1 timed lever puzzle is a fucking joke

    Edited: Ya, gotta take off the encumbrance. _____ I don't see an option. I actually agree with the dude on this one, unless I gotta run naked which I'm gonna try. Derrin is on the other end of the maze holding on to my trousers.
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    (suggestion) npcs react differently based on how you look or act

    I've got an interesting tidbit on one zombie's pathing. The ghoul I'm talking about is the ponytailed zombie wearing a red shirt and carrying a two-handed axe. Many players probably noticed it first when near the compass room. It's a friendly zombie or at least very passive. I was about to...
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    Dungeon synth, Black Metal, music to game to

    El Nigromante Khand Havohej Summoning Eikona Lonegoat of Goatcraft I like to play these with a good headphone and low, to whispering tones, a percussive rumble, and throaty rattle. There are others that I can not relocate at the moment but offer suggestions and see if these hit that...
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    The Level 1 timed lever puzzle is a fucking joke

    That would be forum admin. "Contact" at the very bottom of the website offers the email
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    Kenshi... anyone?

    The game has been greatly enjoyed by Sseth. It's on my wishlist for sure. ;)
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    Burnt offering

    I'm not expecting any huge spoilers, but I'll be coercing the simple peasant man into one of those sacrifice cages. Don't hold your breath for what results I'll be able to get back with y'all on. Although, I've only unlocked the second starting path, the one that brought the peasant guy into the...
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    Made a bridge to cross the three pits!

    Huh, I just muled 9 long planks in two groups, oh I don't know, two (Murkan) football fields away. Economy of motion is handled OK by stacking everything you want to take with you at once, and doing the nudging process, kinda like UnReal World actually. It makes a lot of sense, economically, to...
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    The Level 1 timed lever puzzle is a fucking joke

    The difficulty is in finding what objects will be light enough to let the lever raise and that also pushes them away. I was dorking around stacking boxes and couldn't proceed because the edges of the boxes were snagging the lever. I guess something flat works best. Try making a teetersaw and...
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    Legend of Zelda feature suggestion? You betcha, bear with me.

    Heck yeah. Workbench, alchemy lab, I'm seeing it. Guess I'm going off tangent, but I find it pretty funny that all the work tools can't be used to fuse boards together. Those puzzles do get tedious dragging ten objects along with me, when that could be shortened by combing some of them. A...
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    Legend of Zelda feature suggestion? You betcha, bear with me.

    The one feature that would fascinate me to no end, and I am sure many others would find it enchanting, is to be able to enter a static first-person view to look around oneself, just as in the adventure game Legend of Zelda. I wouldn't mind that the ceilings are void for the duration of the...


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