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    Exanima 0.7.3 Released

    I am impressed with the work so far and very interested to see what Bare Mettle has in store for future content. We did see a bit of a teaser on Thaumaturgy a while back, which I am most looking forward to. I appreciate the dedication to a smooth, realistic style.
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    Thaumaturgy Teaser

    Thanks for the update. I've been really looking forward to Thaumaturgy!
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    Quick Status Update

    I'm glad to hear they are close on the update. I hope the magic system is implemented and, if they are going to have it, ranged combat. With the mechanics behind this game, I fear that implementing these systems will cause serious rework in areas the team considered complete. It would be wise...
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    Funny or Ridiculous way to die...

    I have rarely seen a good instance of weapon binding, but that had me laughing for a good minute! I have had two occasions now with my weapon arm twisted behind my back. I'm pretty sure I CAN'T defeat them with just one arm, or it would make a good taunt...
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    Funny or Ridiculous way to die...

    I thought my most ignoble death would remain being beaten to death with a bedpan. The world is often full of suprises though. Brimming with confidence in my new-found armor, I was attacked by a not-so-gentleman wielding a crutch. Boldy did I leap into the fray! Heavily injured, the rascal...


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