Anyone mind explaining this?



Somehow this person managed to get the Blademaster armor into the arena. At first I thought it was just a thing in the arena but then he told me he had to do some "thaumaturgy" in order to get it into the arena... which I guess is just file-editing or something similar, however I haven't managed to do anything with Notepad myself.

Does anyone mind telling me how to add story armors such as the Blademaster armor into the arena? I really, REALLY like how the Blademaster and the Captain of the Guard armors look like, and I'd love to have my manager dressed up as a Blademaster and giving some of my hirelings armors like the Captain of the Guard one or the Brass armor. I don't really want to cheat, I'm just trying to know if it's possible to add the armors into the arena mode somehow as as items that you can buy.


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