Arena is pointless?

What is the point of grinding in arena if every newly acquired rank only allows you to be pitted against enemies with the same rank/gear? Where is the payoff besides playing against randomly generated enemies? Shouldn't the player feel more powerful as you ascend the ranking system? Why not allow your roster to enter lower level battles with higher power gear/skills if the mode is this grindy already?
This game needs a better sandbox that isn't practice mode. Campaign doesn't get you straight to the action fast enough in my opinion and practice mode is limited.

Just wanted to give my two cents, thanks.

Other than that, what an incredible game! If anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share, please do.
There is an arena update/rework on its way to the game, I forgot what the plan for it is, maybe someone with better memory than me can provide a source?

Personally I don't really feel like a gamemode should get any more progressively easier than it absolutely has to, but if you're looking for a power fantasy scenario, challenger fights will allow you to wear gear of any tier, while the enemy will only be decked out in stuff appropriate for their rank.


Speaking of what is the point for current version, fundamentally is a grinding out your best outfit of your life in the shop, as well as enjoying the very sensation of combat, the way it was made makes it somewhat non repetitive. Also sharping your skills and finding non obvious ways of defeating enemy, preparing yourself for the multiplayer, making yourself part of the "Gank Squad". The arena works the way, that deathmatch shooters work, you're enjoying the process itself. You have your preference in mind, writing this, that has not been realised yet, and it's ok. You should perceive my reply not as refuting, but rather explaining what you can do for now. It's also more like Dwarf Fortress in a way that you should find a way, that you will enjoy the arena for now. For me it was making the ideal outfit, but now, I'm waiting the new assets update, to not waste time on grinding things that I will loose soon. And always I was enjoying the process of fighting. One time I even set up a challenge, (although it was in campaign, you can stretch it to arena) I made a witcher-like character Gerbelt, and the goal was to defeat Thanos on level 4, with just leather armour and fancy witcher outfit, with dual wielding swords. I managed to defeat this bastard after like 15 attempt, and got the general idea, that you should come close to him and start hugging and stabbing him at point blank range. It was fun just only because I set up this by myself, and I can only to recommend the same challenge in arena, defeating Ogre, you being basically naked wielding giant weapon.


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