Came back - hugely dissapointed - options feedback


Okay then,

as this is my first post here, I want to say
Hello Fans of Best Game Ever!

I've been playing earlier version of Exanima for couple of good years now, got interested while version was still 0.6 or sth. I have huge, leveled team on my good old exanima 7.1. So yes, it's second hand files.
I was waiting to buy it when it's 1.0, but it's impossible to wait, and I wanted to support amazing team of developers, due to my finances that got better.
And so when I noticed huge 8.4 update, I decided to definitely and finally buy it. And got a bit dissapointed (title is ofc HUGE exxaguration). Here's why :


1. I happen to be color blind. Reticle in new version is more vivid, the red is darker - yet i am red color blind.
I bet customizing reticle color / shape should not be too big of a task for devs. I beg you please.

...and so I keep missing Reticle all the time during the battle...and one of the reasons for it is -

2. Reticle now moves relatively to the ground when I hit SPACEBAR. Before it was easier to keep track of it, cause it stayed on place and I had to move it. I can't even emphasize how I hate when game takes control over my mouse.
Please, I beg you with all my heart - give us the option to select static / sticky reticle.

3. And that brings me to another option that is no longer available and completely destroyed my way of fighting and footwork making precise fighting for me close to impossible - despite Manual states that there should be option to change dash control from holding direction, instead of tapping, to SHIFT controled dash - there is no option as such! I can't believe some people prefer to tap to walk and hold to run over just simply using SHIFT to accelerate static keyhold movement. Basicaly, I can't play a game efficiently due to that change.

4. I can't believe there still is no
option to change music volume. I love music in this game but it is definitely too loud for my liking, and so I can't listen to it...

Also, as bugs:
- when I exit game via "EXIT" - it leaves game's resolution 1920x1080 and does not change it back to native 2556. That does not happen with ALT F4
- Sometimes when fight takes place in the rain or with more competitors, fps goes down significantly. Alt Tabbing and going back solves problem.

Mind, that I love a lot of changes: of how weapon handles, UI changes, Arena developement etc.

Thank You, if you read that wall of text.
Thank You for amazing game.
Chapeau bas, gentlemen!
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You can change the cursor color and size by editing the settings file. From the 0.8.3 update announcement:
Here's an example that changes the non combat cursor to ivory, the combat cursor to orange and makes cursors 50% larger:

CursorInt = ffeeddff
CursorCom = ffb050ff
CursorSize = 150

The size is a percentage value, the colours are RGBA hex codes, where the final 2 digits represent alpha (opacity). If you're not familiar with hex colours you can use an online colour picker like this one here: (note that you must add an alpha value like "ff" at the end).

You can find the Exanima.ini file in %APPDATA%\Exanima (paste this into the windows search box).


You can change the cursor color and size by editing the settings file. From the 0.8.3 update announcement:
Bless you a thousand, good sir!
Thank you!

There is also a "InputMethod" parameter, set to zero. I assumed its for Shift - controled dash, but no. It seems to be dead.

Nonetheless, you made a person happy. Finally a blue reticle!
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