Coffee Diary 1/11/21


Hey Exanimates,

Madoc is still dealing with some personal stuff so we're still a little behind. We are very close, but we did want to get the core tournament and some other mechanics in at once so we can test and get feedback with the proper context.

One thing we wanted to do before the release is solve some performance issues with the GI on many low and a mid-range systems, especially in large open spaces. One of the new arenas also promises to be the most demanding yet. We were planning to introduce a low resolution GI mode, but a new promising idea came up involving dynamic updates based on visible space. We've implemented this now and it works really well, without sacrificing quality. This should make a huge difference for those low end systems, but we've even measured improvements on the high end and it just solves the problem for any scale of environments going forward.

Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween! :eek:
-the BM team


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