Coffee Diary 10/1/22


Hey Exanimates,

We did another patch just yesterday with lots important bug fixes, content fixes, some improvements to animation, to AI, some assets were updated and the expert ogre now has a flail.

Madoc is still simplifying parts of the engine that we think might cause compatibility and performance issues on some systems. At this point this is just some special user interfaces. One area of focus was the item icon rendering, which due to its nature can be quite slow when many icons are involved. Every icon in the game is a rendering of the in-game model generated on the fly. This means models and textures need to be loaded, procedural models and textures generated, a high quality rendering needs to be made and processed to give icons that clean look and so on. Displaying a loaded arsenal could easily take several seconds.

This icon rendering was completely reworked to simplify driver interaction, but also massively increase its speed. Icons are now generated 3 times as fast, so opening those big arsenals and other item windows feels a lot more responsive. This also greatly reduces the freezes that you might experience when looting a container or a body. There are further improvements planned for procedural items which should make this much faster still, while also improving loading times in general.

We should be mostly done with the housekeeping now and we can start focusing on bigger improvements and additions. The plan is still to release a smaller update soon which includes various improvements to combat mechanics, some content additions, some QoL improvements and the dye system. We'll still likely continue to add some of this incrementally as we're in a good cycle of frequent small updates now thanks to not having to "break" any major game or engine systems. Players get improvements faster, and we can stay on top feedback and issues as we work on things, so it's a win-win.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
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