Coffee Diary 11/1/21


Hey Exanimates,

Last week we talked about how we'd figured out the last details of the new itemisation features and we were just about ready to make it go. We now have it all up and running and we've converted all content and items to the new system. There were a few details we ended up reviewing when it came to it, and a few things that we couldn't implement until it was all up and running, but we got through it all.

One of the things we realised we hadn't fully figured out yet is how to keep certain things consistent in a generated outfit despite the many randomisation parameters we have now. Some items need to match closely in their choice of materials and colours, while others should not. For example all the rivets on a suit of armour should match, or the leather straps might have a certain finish and colour, which should not carry over to the belt. To solve this we had to extend our theming parameters, and for each outfit generate a series of matrices for every element or material type so that the different design and theme configurations would produce consistent results (or not) as needed.

Everything seems to be working just fine, at this point we just need to go through our master items and drop tables to manually configure any new parameters that the automatic conversion couldn't take a good enough guess at. The new automatic item patching system should take care of the rest, carrying these adjustments over to any existing items in content and save games.

We also tested the new procedurally generated item descriptions, and made some refinements there too. We'll keep expanding on this, but it seems good enough for now.

We posted some images on our discord as we played around with the randomisation features, so we figured we'd post them here too. It was cool to see how every generated combination looked really good in its own way. We also showed the same item with 3 different condition levels.

We should be done with any development work for this first update, so we're just reviewing items and consolidating all the new assets for a release build.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
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Great quality as always. Can't wait for the upcoming update. I do have a few questions; Will the update be save game compatible? Will this update also include the arena update? And lastly, a while ago I read that this update might improve game performance, is this still the case after all the changes and setbacks?

Thanks in advance


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