Coffee Diary 11/9/23


Hey Exanimates,

We are mostly finalising some of the more unique assets that appear in the new content right now, even Madoc is taking a break from his regular work to help with getting these assets ready. We should be pretty close to the full insider test now, and some final touches can be added while that's in progress. We've already been doing a bit of testing and fixing and more polishing internally, we've fixed even minor issues reported in previous insider tests as well as many older on unreported ones, so we expect things to go quite smoothly, though there are certainly a lot of additions since the last test.

We've also added a particularly difficult new procedural material, it's a crystal/gemstone/glass material that has refractive and translucent properties and supports all the procedural parameters like quality, damage and dirt. This places various new requirements on procedural material mechanics, formats and shaders in general so we had to update many things in the system and tools to support it. It looks very impressive and will be useful for many more exotic underworld items as well as any item that might have features like embedded gemstones. Some of the procedural item system updates here add some general features and versatility which will also be useful in other advanced material effects and items.

We don't want to make specific promises on when the update will release just yet, but we're definitely getting very close.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


beautiful caffeine, you hold me! wow I didn't expect this... just honestly... kind of... ummm


beautiful caffeine, you hold me! wow I didn't expect this... just honestly... kind of... ummm
Can't wait for Exanima to get more mainstream with years and with time Youtubers making a video "what's the thing with Lapty?" analyzing every of his comments and potentially discovering something dark
Years on this forum and I'm genuinely still confused what the hell, lowkey waiting for blogposts just to read another of his messages firstly and blogpost only as a secondary read


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