Coffee Diary 12/7/21


Hey Exanimates,

Over the past few weeks we've been working on a lot of different systems and features, migrating everything to a new more versatile skinned user interface, the new arsenal, the new loadout screen, weapon grip changes, damage and some other combat mechanics, a new match system, a new trade system, updated outfit and loadout generation, persistent arena NPCs and quite a few other things besides. There have been some notable "detours", and some of our original plans have changed or evolved, so we needed to revisit and make some progress on all these things.

As long as we're headed in the right direction, we don't need to fully complete all these features to move the arena into its new format and get it out of the beta branch and into the main one. Right now we're trying to properly finalise the most critical ones to make the transition. We want to get a first batch of these into another beta update soon by converting existing saves, and make sure everything is working properly as we complete more. We'll hopefully have this on the beta branch within a week or so, along with some more procedural weapons.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


You guys always come in with the grocery list of awesome features and be like "It'll be on the beta branch in a couple weeks." I'm convinced that y'all don't sleep.
Is there any news about when multiplayer will be worked on? I don't expect any dates or anything but is that something you guys want to get done after the arena updates, or do you have a different plan for the next big feature update?

As always you guys are doing amazing work here and I love the game and all you guys have done <3 Keep up the good work


Why is this game so good so nice. Thanks for working on Arena as it is something I come back to a lot. Looking forward to all your future updates :D:D:D


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