Coffee Diary 14/10/19


Hey Exanimates,

Here are the notes on today's dev meeting:

-Most Thaumaturgy mechanics shared in previous coffee diary entries / developer communications are now done, progress is now being made on finishing all the specific Mind Thaumaturgy powers.

-Went over the details of a secret area containing a special item in one of the upcoming maps. I'm not vague, you're vague.

-Discussed audio design for a new gameplay feature.

-Madoc is working on improving loading times further, important for the new content.

-Madoc has also been looking into adding some better volumetric lighting effects.

-Zeth has finished modeling a new encounter, and has started work on the new undead morph texture.

-Lastly we've been consolidating priorities to wrap up in the short term. It's been some time since the last update; making a test build available for insiders is high on our list.

Have a great week!


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