Coffee Diary 16/3/20


Hey Exanimates,

The beta bug report channels have been very quiet this week, and we've had time to put many finishing touches on everything. We're looking to release what is basically a release candidate within 2 days for final testing. We expect the public release to be close behind as at this point we're basically just adding content.

Here are a few things we went over for today's meeting;

-Showed and discussed the new content for the update.
-New animation adjustments and improvements added for undead & various creatures.
-Many bug fixes made.
-Made some changes regarding AI & thaumaturgy interactions.
-Last remaining assets & light sources added to the new level.
-Lots of adjustments, improvements, and overall work made towards thaumaturgy.

We're very happy with the state of the update and how much it brings to the game. Thaumaturgy, lots of content, new encounters, some good general improvements and some other cool stuff you'll have to discover yourself!

Lastly, this is easily our biggest update yet. It brings the game much closer to completion with so much important work done. We're excited to wrap it up and see what you think, and of course to moving on to make more. Our roadmap for 1.0 is looking slim and quite clean of major hurdles, everything we do now will add so much value to the game.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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