Coffee Diary 19/4/21


Hey Exanimates,

We're currently working on quite a few different things, wrapping up the key features for this update so we can focus entirely on the new UIs and gameplay features for arena.

We are of course still working on procedural weapons, mostly focusing on the how the weapons function in game. The individual componets now modify weapon stats, so a spike on top will add thrust to a weapon, and different shaped heads etc. can have varying stats. We are also doing more with deformations, modifying stats based on size and shape changes of all components. Part of this is also the system that allows different stats to apply depending on how the weapon is held.

Still on procedural weapons we're building up a solid library of all the components for various weapons types, and optimising our workflow as we do so. By standardising how many components work, we can complete a lot of weapons at once. Given various types of hafts, grips, queues, hammer heads, axe heads, spikes etc. we can combine and adjust those in different ways to create a surprisingly large number of different weapon types, and even use them as common components in more unique weapons. The number of weapons we can create for the components we make is something that grows exponentially.

A fairly important milestone for this week was finally getting outdoors fully working in the new renderer. We've added light from the sky to the GI system, adjusted all the lighting and day/night cycle, weather effects etc. for the new renderer and it's all looking rather nice. We should be able to reintroduce the existing outdoor arena soon, and there's some nice new ones we've been making for the arena update too.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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